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Welcome to Midlands Balloon Trade Association.


We offer a cheap and cheerful custom balloon printing service in the UK.


By keeping things simple we are able to offer printed balloons at very affordable price.


We have been offering promotional and personalised balloons for some years already, and have found the limited options below actually cover 95% of what our customers have asked for. By streamlining what we offer, it saves our costs, and in turn we can pass the saving on to you so you can enjoy low cost balloon printing at the same high standards our customers have enjoyed for years.


How we keep costs low:

  • We use 24 different colours of balloons, all 12" helium quality.
  • We only offer a black or white print on to balloons.
  • We only offer a single side print.
  • We only offer a single colour print.



Why people use custom printed balloons.


Printed Balloons are known to be used for many reasons.


Personal Occasions.

People most associate personalised balloons with special occasions. We have done custom printed balloons for every aspect in life, whether this is to celebrate a birth, christening balloons, birthday balloons, engagement balloons, save the date balloons, stag and hen night balloons, wedding balloons, divorce party balloons, retirement balloons, rememberance balloons......I am sure you get the drift! A personalised balloon makes a special day more personal. For these types of occasions, people often use to decorate venues or their own home, or we have also made balloons which have been used as invitations.


Business Ideas

Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, SKY TV and many major brands use custom printed balloons because they are a cheap yet very effective advertising tool. Printed Balloons are noticeable, and kids love them, so using them to draw attention to a new product or service is popular. Companies also use promotional balloons at events, such as trade shows, fundraisers, or for competitions, as vouchers, or simply to hand out to passers by, so your advert on the balloon is now being seen by potentially thousands as this passer by walks around.


Do you need a 2 + colour print, printed foil balloons or something we cannot offer on this site? Click here

Cheap Balloon Printing